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Much to watch, read, and discuss right here on C4P  🙂

Judge Jeanine Pirro • Sanctuary Cities Safe Havens for Criminal Illegals

Donald Trump • Phoenix Rally

Sarah Palin • Happy Birthday Jason!

Donald Trump Press Conference with Families of People Killed by Illegal Aliens

Mama Grizzly Radio: Tom Coburn Backs Palin-Endorsed Convention of States

Michael Scherer | Mrs. Clinton’s Trustworthy Trap

Felix Salmon | Churches that don’t adopt the gay agenda should be punished

Megyn Kelly: Why Is Obama Ignoring Murder Of Katie Steinle?

Democratic Turnout a ’16 Risk Factor, Poll Finds

Doug Schoen | The potentially mortal threat to Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy

Awww: Global warming enthusiasts are dealing with psychological problems

Ed Rogers | Has Joe Biden’s moment arrived?

Carl Bernstein: Clinton’s wife has a difficult relationship with the truth

Victor Davis Hanson | Progressive Mass Hysteria

Jonah Goldberg | Unlike her husband, Mrs. Clinton is not a natural liar

Robert Redford | Adopt my global warming agenda or we’re all going to die

John Stossel | Lots of Democrats Want Socialism

William Murchison | The Elites vs. Us

Joseph E. Stiglitz | Who’s up for a U.S. taxpayer bailout of Greece?

Brent Budowsky | Obama is destroying my beloved Democrat Party

James Antle | Mrs. Clinton’s new media strategy: Play Evita

Rich Lowry | Churches are the left’s next target in the gay-marriage war

Greg Gutfeld: A healthy contempt for the mainstream media

Byron York | 10 themes to watch in 2016 race

Democrats scurrying like rats from their sanctuary ship

Jay Sekulow | Attorney General Lynch, it’s time for a special prosecutor

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