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Much To Read, Watch, and Discuss:

Governor Palin Shares Some Wisdom From Mother Teresa

Tomi Lahren Keeps Hitting Grand Slams

Criminal Charges Hang Over Clinton • “Hillary Blew It” – Chuck Todd

Charles Krauthammer | The price of fetal parts

Stephen Moore | Socialism, RIP

Connecticut Dems: Founding Father Thomas Jefferson has no place in our party

Charlie Cook | Will Trust Be a Deal-Breaker for Clinton’s wife?

Des Moines Register | Trump should pull the plug on his bloviating side show

Aaron Goldstein | Six Reasons Why Scott Walker Will Be Elected President

Doug Schoen | Hillary Clinton’s Reality Check: Her Polling Numbers

Gov. Sarah Palin: Planned Parenthood Using “Minions” To Sell Baby Parts

Ted Cruz’s Multi-Purpose Attack On Mitch McConnell

#MamaGrizzlyRadio: Nip Tuck Actress Details Stalk Ordeal

Gov. Sarah Palin: “Prayers For The Cathy Family”

Contact Info For Companies Supporting Planned Parenthood

Trey Gowdy: We See Our Daughters in Kate Steinle

A Golden Nugget Hidden in the Trump Spectacle

Lanny Davis: Lack of trust in Mrs. Clinton due to that nefarious “right-wing conspiracy”

D.C. McAllister | Why White People Will Always Be Racists

James Taranto | ‘Bidenmania’

Marc A. Thiessen | Obama’s silence on Kathryn Steinle killing is deafening

James Taranto | Mrs. Clinton’s slide in the polls continues

Ron Fournier | Memo to Clinton’s wife You’re still the problem

New York Times | Planned Parenthood is being framed by those Wascally Wepublicans!

NR | You Can’t Keep Up with Obama’s Incompetence, Corruption, and Hyperactivity

Washington Examiner | Bargaining over baby parts Part 2

Juan Williams | Why Mrs. Clinton is her own worst enemy

Kirsten Powers | Crush Planned Parenthood


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