The Great American Melting Pot

The 4th of July is the most significant day for all Americans. To really understand the rising tension, division, and not very American activities some groups, who chose self-segregation over unity, have recently engaged in – I’ve written six easy things we can do. Keep in mind, these not very American activities add gasoline to the fire of rising tension and division, but more importantly; the “fundamental transformation” of America, and segregation.

1) Read this article by Nancy French that Bristol Palin highlighted on her blog. HERE

2) Use your short term memory (C’mon gals & guys it still exists) and go back two weeks and re-remember the call to ban the confederate flag (even at Confederate Memorials). Take a look at these groups not so American activities, and also take a look at their devoted followers who made this call.

3) Think about this for a minute. Last week, after the Supreme Court ruling on Gay Marriage, dozens and dozens of corporations immediately plastered their advertising campaigns with the commercially-driven LGBT rainbow flag. Corporations like Walt Disney, Starbucks, Facebook, The Weather Channel, Miller Lite, Procter and Gamble, Mars (i.e. the “Snickers Bar”), and American Airlines. The list goes on and on and on. Why? Because they don’t want to be on the naughty list of the not so American “Corporate Equality Index”. The commercially-driven LGBT is about money folks, it has nothing to do with “equality”.

4) This is the hard part. You’ll need to sacrifice 30-45 minutes of family time tomorrow. Go on Twitter and read all the hate tweets directed at Americans who celebrate the 4th of July. Since when is the 4th of July controversial? It certainly was not before January of 2009. Democrats and their intentionally misled devoted followers will be tweeting false and defamatory hate tweets about a country that all Americans have the potential to live in together peacefully. You’ll notice things like “Happy White People’s Day”, “Happy White Privilege Day”, “Happy Slave-Owners Day”, “4th of July is only for White people”, and other hate filled offensive, intolerant tweets that affect all Americans. Be rest assured the talking points have already been written and forwarded to the devoted followers who don’t really understand the “Great American Melting Pot” and the basic concept of societal assimilation.

5) Watch the cartoon “The Great American Melting Pot” below. Pay attention to the lyrics, and ask yourself if the groups currently engaging in not very American activities understand the simple truth of societal assimilation and unity in the video. It is the duty of all Americans to assimilate into American society, retain their heritage and orientations, and live together side by side as patriots. This is how America works. This isn’t very hard to understand. We are all individuals, but we are all Americans first. Here’s the cartoon:

6) Ask yourself this simple question. Are these groups that are engaging in not so American activities bringing all Americans together, or are they creating more division, more tension, more hate, and more labels?

Categorizing Americans into little boxes by their race, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnic background isn’t working. Personally I find it offensive, and I believe we are better than that. I’m ready to drop the boxes and the labels. Aren’t you?

Happy 4th of July! It isn’t controversial.

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