Tomi Lahren Keeps Hitting Grand Slams

July 25th, 2015 • iizthatiiz


07-25-15_Tomi_Lahren_Final_Thoughts_logoTomi Lahren continues to hit ’em out of the park with the ‘Final Thoughts’ segments from her ‘On Point’ show on the One America News network.


07-25-15_Tomi_Lahren_Final_Thoughts_on-setRoger Ailes is right now sitting in some darkened Manhattan penthouse, scheming of ways to steal Tomi away from her OAN contract and bring this young force of nature under his Fox umbrella.

I for one hope she remains exactly where she is, and builds the budding One America News network into a true rival for right thinking conservative viewers.

We can’t decide whether Tomi is hitting grand slams or pitching no hitters, as it is hard to touch her commentary.

We’ll allow you to decide that for yourself with a pair of segments from this weeks broadcast of ‘On Point’.

Tomi provides the introduction to the clips herself as originally published on her On Point channel:

Jul 23rd, 2015

Welcome back for my final thoughts tonight. This whole viral whirlwind started with one core frustration: failure to name our enemy. I told you, I’m sick and tired of this Administration candy coating what most Americans already know. What happened in Chattanooga, that was radical Islam at work. Not workplace violence, not a criminal act, not anything else. President Obama, why won’t you say it? – Tomi Lahren

Jul 24, 2015

Instead of fighting a war, we are fighting an idea. We are spending money, time and American blood to fight an idea and we are doing it “half-way.” You don’t have to be military trained to understand that any battle plan needs to be comprehensive, it needs to be multi-pronged. My “Final Thoughts.” – Tomi Lahren


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