Trump: I Don’t Need To Be Lectured

July 19th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

07-19-15_Trump_I_Don't_Need_To_Be_LecturedDonald Trump is fighting back hard against the onslaught of criticism he has received in the wake of comments he made about Senator John McCain

Publishing an op-ed piece late this afternoon on the USA Today site, Trump came out swinging.

Some excerpts:

Trump: I don’t need to be lectured

John McCain has called his own constituents who want a secure border “crazies.”  No one in the news media or the establishment, including the Republican National Committee, criticized the senator for those comments.

Now, as respected reporter Sharyl Attkisson has proved point by point, the news media are also distorting my words. But that is not my point. McCain the politician has failed the state of Arizona and the country.

During my entire business career, I have always made supporting veterans a top priority because our heroes deserve the very best for defending our freedom. Our Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals are outdated dumps.

A Trump administration will provide the finest universal access health care for our veterans.

Thanks to McCain and his Senate colleague Bernie Sanders, their legislation to cover up the VA scandal, in which 1,000+ veterans died waiting for medical care, made sure no one has been punished, charged, jailed, fined or held responsible. McCain has abandoned our veterans. I will fight for them.

The reality is that John McCain the politician has made America less safe, sent our brave soldiers into wrong-headed foreign adventures, covered up for President Obama with the VA scandal and has spent most of his time in the Senate pushing amnesty. He would rather protect the Iraqi border than Arizona’s.

A number of my competitors for the Republican nomination have no business running for president. I do not need to be lectured by any of them. Many are failed politicians or people who would be unable to succeed in the private sector.  (USA Today)


Read Trumps full editorial on the USA Today site

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