Attn. GOP Pundits: Dictate to Politicians, Not the Base on Donald Trump

I cannot for the life of me figure out why alleged experts like Stephen Hayes, Jonah Goldberg, Charles Krauthammer, Brit Hume, and others feel the need to constantly bash Trump thinking that by doing so in unison that somehow the polls are going to shift in the direction they desire.

The more they rant, the more Trump’s numbers go up.  As such, there is such a lesson here to be learned.  A true “teachable” moment for the GOP.

I myself have had discussions on Twitter, too.  Folks say they want to “inform” or “educate” voters on Trump, who they proclaim is a fraud of some sort.

Take for instance good people like Cheri Jacobus and Dustin Hawkins.

Cheri Jacobus is a longtime political operative who actually has come out against the establishment when it mattered (I wrote about it back then).  A couple years back, the GOP establishment was filling mid-level jobs with minorities and women at the RNC.  Jacobus bravely pointed it out that despite such blatant affirmative action within the organization, many of the top levels were still being held onto by white men.  She’s got street cred on the establishment as she’s been happy to call them out by putting her own name on the line.

Dustin Hawkins is a good conservative writer as well.  More times than not he’s come out swinging in defense of Governor Palin.  Here are a couple articles he’s written here and here.

I admire them both.  I think they’re terrific so I am not in any way meaning to bash.  But when discussing Trump with them, it always boils down to them defending their incessant hand-wringing over the GOP frontrunner by claiming they want to expose him as a phony or someone who’s not a true conservative, etc.  They want to “educate” people or accuse folks of not doing research.

This is where folks are going wrong.  Trump’s phenomenal success as a candidate has less to do with solidified political positions backed up by a record (even though I do not claim to know his true feelings on issues) and more to do with what he’s been saying helped along by voter frustration with a political class who’ve ignored the people.  When he says things like: Bring our jobs back! or Make America Great Again! or Stop Mexico from sending us their problems! to Stop China from killing us in trade.  He’s repeatedly stated that our leaders/politicians are “stupid” and “weak” who settle for rotten deals that amount to squat for the average American and diminishing middle class.

He speaks simple language that is very true.  It speaks to the majority who don’t have time to be politicos all day.  It works.  It’s working now.

If we believe that there are politicians in the race who have the ability to back up their records of conservatism and success, why not encourage them to engage in what’s working for Trump?  Quit kowtowing to donors that they may be trying to court or even worse, may already have.   Though therein could lie the problem, the one thing Trump warned about with the others: big donors and lobbyists.

Remember when Governor Palin talked about winning races regardless of being outspent?

With the use of a well-cultivated social media following, a little grit, and a little fire in the belly, more things are possible today than they were one, two, and especially three election cycles ago.

Nevertheless, “experts” still bitterly cling to their “rules.”  (See Ann Coulter’s exchange with a former G.W. Bush official, Bradley Blakeman below from a recent O’Reilly Factor appearance/debate about Trump).

If experts want Trump to be challenged by others running in the primary (or by anyone who still can enter), they should observe what’s working for him instead of ignoring it and encourage the other candidates to try it.

Instead of trying to lecture the base about politicians, why not “educate” the politicians about the people?


Just as I was about to publish this, a new article surfaced: Ted Cruz to GOP: Stop Showing Contempt and Condescension to Trump Supporters

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