Call Me Conflicted

What to think about the first GOP debate? I have to admit it, you can call me conflicted. I’m not a huge Donald Trump fan, but I like the way he’s focused the public on the issue of illegal immigration. I also like the fact that he’s unwilling to be cowed by the establishment. I’m really disappointed on the approach taken by Fox News, however. I think Mark Levin called it a “National Enquirer debate” and I agree.

I kept waiting for one of the candidates to admonish the moderators to get back to what the voters wanted to hear and see, circa Sarah Palin and her debate for Governor of Alaska (I searched for the video, but couldn’t find it). It takes an amazing presence of mind to see what’s happening and pull the debate back to where it should be. Obviously, Fox News was not willing to let that happen, so we got what we got.

I was also disappointed in the moderators ignoring Ted Cruz and Ben Carson for major lengths of time. What was that all about, if not an agenda?

The bottom line is this. I was hoping for a good debate on issues and I was left feeling taken advantage of. I don’t watch network news and I rarely watch Fox News. I tend to get all my information from various Internet sites, but I tuned into Fox News hoping, HOPING, that I would see something meaningful. Instead, I saw a spectacle.

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