Chris Cillizza | This e-mail story just keeps getting worse for Mrs. Clinton

<p>Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks to the reporters at United Nations headquarters, Tuesday, March 10, 2015. Clinton conceded Tuesday that she should have used a government email to conduct business as secretary of state, saying her decision was simply a matter of "convenience." (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)</p>

Chris Cillizza, Washington Post:


No matter what spin emerges from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign about her decision to turn over her private e-mail server to the Justice Department, it’s impossible to see this as anything but a bad thing for her presidential prospects.

Here’s why. Remember that back in March, following the revelation that Clinton had exclusively used a private e-mail address during her time as secretary of state — going against Obama Administration protocol in the process — she insisted that the server would not — and need not — be turned over to a third party. “I believe I have met all of my responsibilities, and the server will remain private,” she told a reporter during a press conference at the United Nations. And, her lawyer, David Kendall, said in a letter to a congressional committee seeking the server that there was “no basis” to support a third-party examination of it.

Clinton will portray her decision to turn over the server as entirely voluntary — she just wants all the facts out and for this to be resolved. But, she quite clearly was resistant to doing just that as recently as March, insisting, in essence, that there was nothing to see here.

Use common sense.  If you had your own private e-mail server, would you rather keep it private or allow a third party — ANY third party — to inspect it?  I mean, come on.  Also, if you HAD voluntarily turned it over, would your spokesman not comment on whether you were told to give it over or whether you did it on your own?  The answer is no.

Then there is the news reported by McClatchy News Service that two of the four classified e-mails discovered on her private server were “top secret” — the highest possible security classification.  Clinton has previously said that she never sent or received any classified material via her e-mail account; “I am confident that I never sent or received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received,” she said last month.


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