Chris Stirewalt | Mrs. Clinton’s best case scenario gets worse

Chris Stirewalt, Fox News:

It looks increasingly like the best-case scenario for Hillary Clinton might be that someone from her inner circle will face serious consequences for their handling of classified information on her secret, home email server.

This is “best case” because, as has been pointed out, the charges from an inspector general will be extremely hard to duck. So a good outcome at this point for Clinton on the allegations of mishandling sensitive documents as America’s chief diplomat might really be the ability to blame “staff error” for the breach.

Yes, it will always be Clinton who took the risk of having a home brew server in her basement, but the blame for specific lapses could be pinned to others. Thanks to a sacrificial staffer, Clinton would still be able to say that she had not been prosecuted. But with the FBI snatching servers from contractors and Democrats getting jittery, running out the clock with a strategic retreat and staff scapegoat is not the recipe for restoring optimism in her campaign.

There are practical considerations to having senior staffers’ necks on the block, as well. With news that Clinton’s right hand, Huma Abedin, is under scrutiny, things might not be so hip in Brooklyn these days. A campaign that struggles always with insularity and aloofness can’t improve with G-men running around and the “do not delete” orders hanging thick in the air.


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