Donald Trump: “Jeb Bush Is A Puppet”

August 15th, 2015 • iizthatiiz


When they give five million dollars or two million or a million to Jeb, they have him just like a puppet.


He’ll do whatever they want.


He’s their puppet. — Donald Trump



08-15-15_Donald_TrumpDonald Trump declared Jeb Bush “a puppet to his donors” upon arriving at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines on Saturday.  Trump said the donors and lobbyists who make large contributions to presidential candidates and their PAC’s have expectations after elections, stating that he is personally turning down big donors to avoid such obligations. “I’m going to do the right thing for the people of the United States”, said Trump

He also criticized Bush for his recent statement that the United States has to prove to Iraq that we have “skin in the game.” Trump suggested that Bush “should apologize” to the families of soldiers who gave their lives, and the veterans who served.


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