Gov. Palin Talks 2016 With Extra TV

August 28th, 2015 • iizthatiz

Governor Palin sat on the One America News set for an interview with Renee Bargh of Extra TV.

08-28-15_Sarah_Palin_Renee_Bargh_Extra_TVOf her experience guest hosting ‘On Point’, Palin expressed happiness for the opportunity to be returning to her “journalism roots”.

The two talked 2016 presidential politics, with Bargh asking if the former VP nominee would be interested in reassuming that role.  Palin brushed off the suggestion, indicating that there were many other qualified candidates.

She was asked about both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the respective GOP and Democratic frontrunners.  Palin gave kudo’s to Trump raising the issues that average Americans want to hear about.

Palin believes the media may be playing a game with Clinton, reporting somewhat aggressively on the email scandal, only so they may later claim down the road that they didn’t give Hillary a pass on the matter.

C4P has two video clips for viewing.  First up is the broadcast version aired nationally by Extra TV.  Second, a somewhat more in depth clip released online.




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