Gov. Sarah Palin • Excited Returning To Journalism Roots

Governor Palin is looking forward to guest hosting ‘On Point’ this week:


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This week I temporarily dig into my journalism roots, guest hosting “On Point” for One America News. I’m excited to be asked to take this opportunity to give voice to so many good people I hear from every day! I hear your concerns for our future, and I like to focus on SOLUTIONS. A week of being back behind the desk instead of fitting the ol’ conventional TV format requiring ten second sound bites is an enjoyable change!

For more info, here’s One America News’ website:

Friends, the more information America is provided, the better off we’ll be as you do your own homework on candidates and issues. Then, you’re empowered to take a stand… take action… get this great country back on track! This new news network is appreciated – its owner is a true American entrepreneur, taking risks with this startup in order to reward YOU with needed information and quality programming. (No commercials?! That right THERE is a reward!) I admire anyone moving forward with their dreams to compete in a rough and tumble world, and the media world is certainly that.

One America News is going to get there, and I’m just honored to be asked to sit in for a few shows and hopefully help get it in your living rooms and always on your mind.

Sarah Palin


Governor Palin shared this link: Governor Sarah Palin To Guest Host One America News Network’s Political Talk Show “On Point”



‘On Point airs Monday-Friday at 10pm eastern / 7pm pacific on the One America News Network

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