Gov. Sarah Palin • Stand With Rand Rally

Governor Palin is glad to see Rand Paul bringing his message to Alaska:


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Glad to see conservatives bringing the message to Alaska! Republicans are lucky to have a great group of candidates to pick from – and one of them is bringing his bold message and plan to “Defeat the Washington Machine” right to Anchorage! So many of us in Alaska share a libertarian streak, and Rand is sure to talk about that! I was proud to support Dr. Rand Paul in his first election to the U.S. Senate and would be there to welcome him to Alaska, but I’m in San Diego guest hosting “On Point” for One America News this week. Find out more about how you can hear directly from Rand while he’s in Alaska here:

Rand, hope you get some time for some moose chili or eskimo ice cream while you are in town!

Sarah Palin


Governor Palin shared a link to reserve tickets to the event



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