Gov. Sarah Palin • The Resolve To Lead And Succeed

The Resolve To Lead And Succeed


Brave_Women_SPCAmerica has been engaged in a war on terror since the Carter Administration. As the 2016 Presidential election nears, every American voter should have one question in mind: Who has the resolve we need to succeed? Because, as Governor Palin explains, when America shows its strength, jihadists don’t stand a chance. (Sarah Palin Channel)




“We are in a long war.”

“Some people say that it started on 9/11, but in reality it started a lot earlier.”


Resolve_to_Lead_ABC_News_IranABC Anchor: Some 60 Americans, including our fellow citizen whom you just saw bound and blindfolded, are now beginning their sixth day of captivity inside the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.


Resolve_to_Lead_Sarah_Palin_03“Since the Carter administration we’ve been fighting against a jihadist enemy that’s constantly seeking to kill as many Americans as it can.”

“Throughout that long war, a central truth has emerged.”




“The jihadist enemy thrives when America loses its will.”

“And they fail when we show our strength.”




“During the surge we drove Al Qaeda in Iraq from its strongholds, and killed or captured its leaders, and weakened it almost to the the point of extinction.”




“But when we abandoned Iraq, terrorists returned … and returned with a vengeance. This time calling themselves ISIS.”


Resolve_to_Lead_Sarah_Palin_04“That is always the pattern.”

“Jihadists can’t withstand our strength, and they thrive on our weakness.”

“They cannot be appeased.”




“They want all of the world to bend the knee to their brand of radical Islam.”

“This is a hard truth.”

“But it’s still the truth.”




“When you’re looking at the 2016 presidential field ask yourself, who’s telling the difficult truths?”

“Who’s willing to lead?”




“Who has the resolve that we need to succeed?”

“The answers to these questions … that’s what must guide your vote.”



***  This video message was originally published on July 24th, 2015.  All screencaps courtesy of the Sarah Palin Channel.


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