Greta Asks, Where Was The Media When Sarah Palin Was Assaulted??

08-10-15_Sarah_Palin_Greta_Van_Susteren_Trig_Palin_Media_HypocrisyGreta Van Susteren came out swinging over the weekend over the hypocrisy of a few chosen pundits.  Additionally, she seems to be noticing a certain passion currently as some come out to defend Megyn Kelly who was allegedly attacked by Donald Trump when many of the same critics nonsensically sat back as true sexist attacks were constantly thrown at Governor Palin.

Further, the attacks went beyond Governor Palin’s looks.  They went to her child.  And not only were certain attackers of hers free from mainstream ridicule, they were rewarded with invitations to the White House.

The GOP has a chance to point out these stunning flip in mass media reaction but as always that establishment is using the alleged crisis to wage the wrong war.

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