Hilarious: MSNBC weenie cuts in on Trump speech to defend Bowe Bergdahl

Typical nonsense from MSNBC’s feeble-minded Chris Hayes:

In his #TRUMPCHECKLIVE nonsense, the obtuse Hayes claims that the Army prosecutor isn’t “presenting evidence” that six people died searching for Bergdahl. Hayes doesn’t even dispute Trump’s point in his decidedly Clintonian defense of Bergdahl. He can’t. Six U.S. soldiers did in fact die searching for Bergdahl after he deserted. I am not privy to the Army prosecutor’s motivations or the political constraints he or she may be under to justify Obama’s infamous Taliban Five trade, but there’s no disputing the fact that Bergdahl is a traitor. While I’m not on Team Trump, The Donald is certainly correct here. Hayes, you may recall, is the same guy who said he was “uncomfortable” calling American military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice heroes. On Memorial Day. And now, apparently, he’s uncomfortable calling a traitor a traitor. I guess it upsets his effete sensibilities.

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