Megyn Kelly, Erick Erickson and the Past (Why It Matters)

Roderic’s post on the first GOP debate of 2016 resonated with most of us.

Now that a few days have passed since the dreadful evening and the dust is settling, let us put things into perspective.

First, the FOX News debate was not about the candidates. It was about three very narcissistic moderators looking for their soundbites which would be replayed a million times on YouTube. Yes they should be held accountable. There was very little that the viewers of the debate were informed of where the candidates were concerned. (Though as bad as the event was, my hat is off to the wonderful Ted Cruz who still made the most of it.)

For every focus group, “expert,” and average GOP mouthpiece with a Twitter handle who claimed that Trump did badly, I didn’t notice one which mentioned how the event itself failed to truly spotlight the candidates. Despite what one may think of Trump personally, wasn’t anyone just a tad bit curious to hear about ideas he may have had for job creation? We have a starving middle class and a record number of Americans out of the workforce (including a record number of women). Here we have a guy responsible for mass job creation around the globe and the best Megyn Kelly could do was come up with a question that reignited the “war on women” mantra right before we square off against the Democrats and their probable female nominee?

This brings us to Megyn Kelly herself. Yes it matters regarding the content of discussions she may have had with people like Howard Stern in the past. Even more so, it matters that she posed for risqué photos once upon a time. Yes she has the freedom in this great nation to do whatever she wants – and no I am not personally condemning her for such actions. I am certainly not perfect. But just because someone is perceived as attractive doesn’t mean that it eases the so-called “war on women” when they pose for photos revealing their obvious cleavage.

Does anyone remember Governor Palin’s run for the vice presidency? How many times were we subjected to images of the Governor photoshopped with her head placed on the body of a woman who made the choice to pose for such a photo? That to me proves that one’s choice to do such a thing has very real implications on very good and decent women.

It’s even more important if one who chooses such a thing is in charge of “moderating” a debate being viewed by 24 million people who were expecting information and instead got a clown show that embarrassed an entire news network which many have relied on for years to bring us “fair and balanced” reporting.

As for Erick Erickson and RedState, Greta noted (see below) that Erickson himself has made comments on women in the past that weren’t very nice. Further, we all know that his website ran a demeaning/phony image of Governor Palin.  When it was brought to their attention, Erickson denied the photo was fake via a tweet (which he later deleted) captured by Stacy Drake.  He’s made no mention of it since — after Palin supporters and overall decent people who preferred we respect the party’s first female VP candidate were slandered as cult followers.

As such, he is a hypocrite for attempting to sell out Donald Trump and displaying such phony solace for Megyn Kelly who, too is responsible for her own actions.

Like Erickson, Kelly was likely seeking attention. The folks at FOX News didn’t mind because of reported orders sent out by GOP donors to destroy Trump. Well now as a result, the people in the aforementioned starving middle class who are absolutely sick and tired of the GOP establishment and their accompanying antics are rebelling.

No it doesn’t mean that we’ve decided that Trump is going to be our nominee. What it does mean is that we’d like moderators, pundits, politicos, and all self-anointed experts to at least get back to the days of pretending to care about the true needs of voters instead of pretending that certain women who pick their battles poorly are victims of a “war on women” (while comparing oneself to Jesus in doing so).

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