Nate Silver is Right, Palin Won’t Be Sitting This One Out

Recently the very savvy political guru, Nate Silver suggested that it might not be too wise to count Governor Palin out of this year’s primary contest just yet.

Of course he’s on to something.  In the context alone of a would-be candidacy, all of the candidates out there are still spending big money in their efforts to cultivate a winnable presence.  Such a presence is possible with a strong social media following accompanied by a confirmed and reliable message of conservative principles.  Governor Palin has these (and many more) qualities already developed.  Therefore, she doesn’t have to play by the same timeline rules that others do.

But denying the norm goes well beyond the scope of running for president, especially while it remains obvious to many that she doesn’t have to run for public office to be in it where this year’s many elections are concerned.

Take for example her prior endorsements of candidates entering public office.  Then couple it with the fact that she’s already started supporting congressional candidates for 2016.  These candidates often grow as rock stars within the conservative community.

Did you know Scott Walker sought Governor Palin’s support back in 2009?  A couple years later, she stood up for Walker and his Lt. Governor when they were being challenged with recall elections.

Of course we all know Governor Palin jumped in early and supported people like Sen. Rand Paul who she recently sent a shout out to (and interviewed).  We also know that Ted Cruz wouldn’t have made it to the Senate without her support (as he admits).  There are many people in this current race who’ve benefited from Sarah Palin’s presence which has effectively existed outside of public office for many who needed it.

Another such example would be her early (and continuing) encouragement for Donald Trump.  Trump was surely not what traditional conservatives were thinking of.  Additionally we all knew the establishment and the party’s big money would do all they could to destroy him.  Also, many commentators like Charles Krauthammer, Brit Hume, Stephen Hayes, and Jonah Goldberg have placed their bets against the real estate mogul.  Palin’s prescience shimmered early on when she declared Trump was “doing something right.”  It is proven today when you look at Trump’s position in the polls. The primary is now his to lose.  Governor Palin knew Trump would connect with the silent majority in the way that he has, back when she detected the initial (and familiar) scare within the establishment.

Trump recently noted that wherever he went, people emphasized the importance of getting the support of not only Governor Palin but her supporters, too.

Finally, let’s take a look at her guest-hosting “OnPoint” on One America News Network (OANN) this week.  Governor Palin remains candid and effective in staying on the offensive with issues surrounding the corruption of folks like Hillary Clinton and groups like Planned Parenthood.  She further reminded the current GOP crop of candidates about the importance of making the economy part of their messages to voters who are struggling under Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

With her interest in grassroots news organizations like Breitbart or OANN, with her strong social media presence, with her effective political action committee and its accompanying top notch team, Governor Palin continues to be counted in for the fight of America.

So while voters would no doubt trust her with any title she chose to pursue, they remain content and thankful for what she’s done (and continues to do) without one.

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