Seth Lipsky | To win back Trump’s voters, GOP candidates need only look to Reagan

Seth Lipsky, New York Post:

Is it possible for one of the Republican candidates to trump Donald Trump?

If so, I predict, it’ll be the candidate who figures out a way to articulate the “big tent” conservatism of Ronald Reagan.

The Gipper never resorted to any xenophobia of the kind Trump used in speaking of Mexican immigrants.

He appealed to the better instincts blue-collar voters. He’d been, as president of the Screen Actors Guild, a labor-union leader. He understood the contribution unions made to the defeat of Communism.

Reagan’s strategy was to include labor. Oh, he could be tough as nails with an errant labor union, as he was with the air-traffic controllers when they went on an illegal strike.

But he never evinced a hatred of organized labor. The same president who fired the air-traffic controllers awarded the Medal of Freedom to the great anti-Communist labor organizer Irving Brown of the AFL-CIO.

Reagan’s strategic goal was to win over — and keep — what came to be called the “Reagan Democrats.” They didn’t like to see America retreat overseas. They wanted an economy that produced jobs.


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