Would The GOP Be Stronger – If Sarah Palin Were Part of the Presidential Debates?

Donald Trump has all but cornered the current conservative political market as the leader in national polls by double digits. There are 17 republicans in the presidential race that made it to the debate stage in one way or another in Cleveland. But for conservative voters, can one imagine how different and possibly more dynamic it might be if Sarah Palin had decided to throw her hat into the presidential ring?

Sarah Palin, unlike many of the GOP presidential candidates who made the trip to Cleveland for the Fox News/Facebook debates, has nearly single-handedly carved a new foundation for conservative resurgence since 2009. Sure 2009 may seem like a long time ago in political seasons, but can you imagine what the state of affairs would be in local, state and national conservative political circles if Palin had not arrived on the scene to breathe life and vitality into conservatism.

Imagine for just a moment, if Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Patriots around America had never emerged and the radicalized left and liberal officeholders had continued to steam roll America with Obamacare-like legislation. The historic American conservative comeback of 2010 would have been a “might have been” storyline left in tatters, instead of a solid building block for reemerging American patriotism that the movement has produced.

Although many conservatives believe that House Speaker John Boehner has not delivered on many conservative issues that are essential to the base, what if former Speaker Nancy Pelosi were still in charge?

Without Sarah Palin working tirelessly to help build a strong conservative bench of leaders along with the Tea Party, many of the state legislatures, governor’s offices, and congressional representatives would be in the hands of the Democrats.

(read the rest of the article at Clash Daily)


Read the rest of the article at Clash Daily

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