Beck Played Race Card in 2012, Now Again in 2016

Is Glenn Beck running low on rhetoric?

In 2012, if you supported Newt Gingrich (the last standing “anti-Romney”), you were a racist.

In 2016, if you support Trump, it’s because you’re a racist.

His claims are exactly identical.

If today you’d prefer to have been living under a President Gingrich who once helped shrink government by balancing a budget and cutting entitlement spending instead of President Obama who has grown our debt to 18T, who’s presided over a stagnating economy, and who rammed expensive newly created entitlements down our throats like ObamaCare, Beck attributes it to racism.

I guess the same is true when comparing a job creator like Donald Trump to a Community Organizer like Barack Obama.


For the entire latest click Breitbart’s article here.

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