Gov. Sarah Palin: “Thank You Governor Kasich”

Governor Palin, Trig, and Tripp sent thank you’s to Governor John Kasich of Ohio:


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Yes! This is GOOD! When a nationally known and respected leader like Gov. Kasich takes a stand it gives us hope. The heart of the nation is still good.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” that he would sign the bill currently debated in his state banning abortion in cases where the child is diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Yes!!! Thank you Gov. Kasich; thank you Ohio! Please see here:…/p…/john-kasich-down-syndrome/index.html


Governor Palin shared this link: Kasich says he would sign bill banning abortion in cases of Down syndrome






* All photo’s courtesy Gov. Sarah Palin

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