Gov. Sarah Palin: Thank you, Patriots, for taking a stand against Obama’s insane deal!

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Thank you, sponsors of today’s Anti-Iranian Nukes Rally. Thank you, Patriots, for taking a stand against Obama’s insane deal! My message at the Capitol event was simple – you don’t reward terrorism, you kill it.

If you’re unable to catch Greta Van Susteren’s show tonight on Fox (it already aired live, but replays later) I’ve linked this great point she makes about Obama’s secret nuclear deal with Iran. In D.C. today was Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Phil Robertson, and so many others who demand Congress stop this disastrous deal that actually rewards terrorism! Americans don’t support this deal because, I truly believe, it puts Israel on a direct path to destruction – thanks to our failure at the “negotiating table” with the enemy. (The obvious question is why are we even “negotiating” with terrorists, Mr. Obama?! And why did we agree to not conduct unannounced inspections of their secret nuclear facilities – in fact the deal lets them inspect themselves!) We just freed up $150 BILLION dollars for Iran to use on whatever they choose. They do not deny it will be used to continue their status as the world’s #1 sponsor of terrorism. $150 billion in their economy is equal to nearly $2 trillion in the U. S. economy. Their buying power to kill, steal and destroy is now astronomical. Thanks, Obama. The Ayatollah screamed at America yet again today, calling us the Great Satan, demanding “Death to America”, and further committing to annihilating Israel. This is the stupidest thing Obama could have possibly conjured up. The deal only makes sense to Iranian Regime sympathizers.

Greta has an additional point that we didn’t have time to cover at the rally today. See here, and do your own homework on this anti-Israel, anti-America deal… catch the speeches delivered today, then call your Congressman and demand they kill the deal.

Sarah Palin


Governor Palin shared Greta Van Susteren’s ‘Off The Record’ commentary:

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