Gov. Sarah Palin: What the President Didn’t See From Alaska

Governor Palin (code name Denali) wrote an op-ed for Independent Journal Review:


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The Governor shared a link to her op-ed piece written for Independent Journal Review: What the President Didn’t See From Alaska

09-04-15_Sarah Palin - What the President Didn't See From Alaska

What the President Didn’t See From Alaska


Written by Denali

NOTE: “Denali” was the name assigned to Gov. Sarah Palin by the United States Secret Service during the 2008 campaign. Her husband’s code name, per Secret Service, was “Driller.” 

As tourist season winds down in Alaska, so does the sightseeing trip of America’s busiest tourist. The President heads back to the beltway bubble after three days in the wondrous Last Frontier.

While here, he enjoyed spectacular autumn weather which he commemorated with many selfies on a stick. He danced, he held a fish, he hiked a glacier (thankfully not the Mendenhal Glacier, for that chunk of ice is, literally, the size of Rhode Island. Instead, he enjoyed one of the other 100,000 Alaskan glaciers). And, he renamed a mountain…our mountain…the tallest peak on the North America continent.

Unlike most tourists, the President heads home now with his enormous fleet of transport vehicles – ironically after plenty of finger pointing on this Global Warming tour. Astoundingly, with just this one trip, a bigger carbon footprint was created than what 33 cars combined would create in an entire year.

From his many entertaining Instagram pictures, it looks like he enjoyed his trip, thankfully! Hard not to in the ever-changing ebb and flow of God’s Northern grandeur that has evolved with natural cyclic phenomenons, like tides rising and falling, glaciers advancing and receding, trees growing and dying in this energy-rich land that’s been reshaping itself since the beginning of time.

Residents here are thankful when far-away decision makers who control the vast majority of Alaska’s land and resources give us the time of day; hopefully his was an impacting trip. Here are a few things he missed, though:

Read the full op-ed at Independent Journal Review

Denali served as Alaska’s 9th Governor, the youngest and first woman governor of America’s largest state. Prior to serving as Governor she was Mayor and Manager of the state’s fastest growing community, then went on to regulate energy development as Chairman of Alaska’s Oil & Gas Commission. Denali’s husband, a Yupik Eskimo from Dillingham, is the four-time “Iron Dog” race champion, is a pilot, and worked for nearly two decades as an oil field production operator in Prudhoe Bay. The family owns and operates a commercial fishing business in Bristol Bay.


Governor Palin wrote about more than a dozen items President Obama missed on his three day visit to the ‘The Last Frontier’.  Click HERE to see Sarah’s full opinion piece.


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