Governor Palin on Liberals’ Refusal to Stop Planned Parenthood

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Liberals, How Can You Stop Evil If You Refuse to Look At It?

A great question where Planned Parenthood is concerned.  Governor Palin posts a link to a post at Bristol’s blog:

As each new video is released exposing Planned Parenthood’s profit from the sale of baby parts, the only response from liberals seems to be some new form of diversion.

“Don’t look!”  “It’s not what they say it is.”  “If you believe them, you are anti-women.”

Refusing to actually address the facts of the videos, they have instead tried to silence and shame anyone questioning the horrific actions of Planned Parenthood officials.

And now, as Congress returns and we face a potential government shutdown because President Obama and his pro-abortion allies want to keep sending hundreds of millions to Planned Parenthood each year, Democrats are refusing to even watch the videos by the investigative journalists at the Center for Medical Progress.


…Of the 2,000 Democratic staffers who were invited to watch the videos, only two actually watched them—and they were INTERNS!

Bristol has much more here.

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