ICYMI: Breitbart Exclusive: Governor Palin on Boehner’s Resignation

Over at Breitbart, Governor Palin remarks on the announcement of Speaker John Boehner’s decision to resign.

From the exclusive:

Palin noted, “The silver lining for the political establishment is that with all the time John Boehner has in the next year before he can legally become a lobbyist for special interests he represented as Speaker, he can work on his golf handicap.”

She also said:

Bold, independent Congressmen in Washington prove they’re to be reckoned with now, and they deserve voters’ thanks for doing what we sent them to do – shake up the status quo and get the country back on track. These Congressmen are in it for the right reason, and they ought to celebrate another victory for the grassroots! Thank them!

Governor Palin has been at the forefront of holding members of Congress accountable for quite some time now.  As you may recall, SarahPAC sent a message earlier this year when funding the “Bold, independent Congressman” who opposed Speaker Boehner previously.

You can read the entire Breitbart piece here.

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