Michael Needham | Washington Works Really Well, But Not for You

Michael Needham, Real Clear Politics:

Washington isn’t broken. It is a well-oiled machine that works for the well-connected and responds to the well-heeled. This corrupt nexus of favoritism and cronyism tends to leave hardworking Americans behind. To paraphrase Howard Beale, voters are mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore.

In the Democratic primary, an insurgent socialist senator from Vermont is leading the former First Lady turned Senator turned Secretary of State in both Iowa and New Hampshire. On the Republican side, candidates supported by the party’s national leadership garner the support of less than one-quarter of primary voters in recent national polls.

A grassroots uprising is forcing the political establishment to retreat. But to ensure the establishment does not retrench and reemerge, the insurgents must give voters a plan to create an America that offers opportunity for all and favoritism to none.

For all the excitement created by Bernie Sanders, his ideas are just as stale and ineffective as those blandly offered by Hillary Clinton. Both would increase the size and scope of government. And as we’ve seen with Obamacare, the bigger the government, the bigger the Bigs become.

Can an authentically conservative candidate inspire and galvanize a deeply cynical electorate around a serious and hopeful policy agenda? We think so.


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