Mutual Appreciation Between Gov. Palin and Iwo Jima Vet

Governor Palin and an WWII Iwo Jima Veteran exchange kind remarks:


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Received this very kind comment from 91-year-old Iwo Jima veteran Mr. George Monta…

“Sarah, you are precious to me, a Iwo Jima Veteran, 91 years old and hoping you know how much America needs you!”

Mr. George Monta, YOU and your fellow veterans are the heroes America has always relied on. You kept us safe and fought selflessly for our freedoms, and literally brought the world back from the brink. The Greatest Generation is truly that; our leaders in Washington and those seeking to lead must be mindful of the true American spirit within you. YOU are precious to our great nation. God bless you, sir.

Sarah Palin


09-07-15 Sarah Palin - WWII Veteran George Monta

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