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The latest on C4P:

Seven Years Ago Today • Gov. Sarah Palin Accepts VP Nomination

Peter Schweizer • Clinton Foundation Donors Bought Hillary’s Silence

Mark Levin: Hillary Clinton in Violation of Espionage Act

Governor Sarah Palin to Keynote 2015 Banquet For Life

Catherine Herridge | Obama’s State Dept. changed Clinton email markings to keep them from public

Debra Saunders | Politi-speak: Who Needs Clarity?

Clinton emails contained spy satellite data on North Korean nukes

Joel Kotkin | Tech oligarchs pretty much own the Democrat Party

Radar Online | Hacker claims he has all of Mrs. Clinton’s unreleased emails, will sell for 500K

Gene Lyons | Those media devils won’t give Clinton’s wife a fair shake

Carly Fiorina gets boost as CNN changes debate rules

Biden hits the trail

Salena Zito | Who in GOP Field Will Seize Trump’s Populist Mantle?

WaPo | Using her unsecure private server, Clinton’s wife wrote and sent classified emails

Weiner wacks Trump for pointing out Huma’s corruption

Robert Creamer | Get a grip, fellow lefties, Clinton’s wife has ’em right where she wants ’em

Seth Mandel | The Iran deal ensures a Mideast arms race — nukes and all

Molly Ball | Joe Biden and the Democrat vacuum

David Paul Kuhn | Will the Political Establishment Be Trumped by The Donald?

Police Lives Matter, Too

Could Mrs. Clinton lose Iowa and New Hampshire? You bet.



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