Peter Schweizer • Clinton Foundation Donors Bought Hillary’s Silence

September 3rd, 2015 • iizthatiiz

‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer discusses how Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal that she intertwined State Department business with the Clinton Foundation.

09-03-15 Peter Schweizer (Hannity 9-2-15)“Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, as the emails are now confirming, had interlocking, intertwining relationships between the Clinton Foundation and her official duties as Secretary of State.

And why is that important? It’s important because foreign entities are sending the Clinton’s money, either to the Clinton Foundation or directly to the Clinton’s pocket in the form of these speaking fees, and she has the power as our chief diplomat .. to make vastly important decisions that affect those very people sending the money.

The emails show that it’s all intertwined. She’s talking Clinton Foundation activity. Clinton aides are talking about steering money to the Clinton Global Initiative from foreign governments. It’s all what I call, the Clinton blur.” – Peter Schweizer

09-03-15 Hillary Clinton Silent


Schweizer links countries with “atrocious human rights records” that donated to the Clinton Foundation, but received little attention during Clinton’s tenure, “As Secretary of State you can do things for the benefit of somebody, or you can not do things for the benefit of someone.”

“For somebody like Hillary Clinton who’s been outspoken on women’s issues since she was First Lady in the 1990’s, to be silent on these issues as Secretary of State is very interesting and puzzling.”

“In these foreign cultures ..for example in the Middle East, in Latin America, and in Asia, you’re talking about in some instances countries that have political cultures that are all about bribery. They’re all about getting favors from government officials. And these are the places, the very places that are sending large sums of money to the Clinton’s.”

Schweizer added that there is a “clear possibility” that Clinton broke ethical conflict of interest laws. “The Federal laws are very clear for Federal government employees, and that includes Hillary Clinton. She’s Secretary of State. She’s appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.  But she still has to abide by the ethical rules that all employees do.  And it’s very clear you cannot use State Department resources or Federal government resources for the benefit of a private business that you run, or your spouse or family runs .. or for the benefit of a private charity.”



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