SILENCED: Public School Slaps Down Pro-Life Club

Via Clash Daily:

SILENCED: Public School Slaps Down Pro-Life Club

09-04-15 Kevin Fobbs - SILENCED - Public School Slaps Down Pro-Life Club

Are you certain that your child will not have Christian pro-life views shut down in their public school? According to the Daily Caller, Angelique Clark a young girl who attends the Career and Technical Academy saw her efforts to start a pro-life-club blocked by the school.

Clark, who like many students across America faced barriers that school administrators in public schools often create for Christian students; refused to bend or yield. The refusal of the school to allow her to establish a pro-life club, which had already identified 25 students who wanted to join, was sheer hypocrisy, because the school already had a gay-straight alliance club.

The courageous student had attempted to start a similar club in the last school year but her efforts had been stalled and eventually blocked by the school administration until the school year clock ran out.

Fortunately for Clark and the other 25 students who wanted to express their pro-life views by having a club, the school was threatened by a law suit from the Thomas More Society. Clark worked with the conservative legal group to force the school to relent. According to Sons of Liberty , Jocelyn Floyd, Thomas More Society associate counsel, stressed “there have been times when school districts will dig their heels in whether they have a strong case or not.”

Is this a permanent win for pro-life and the Christian civil rights of students all across America or one battle in a very long war?

Students in classrooms and schools like the young Christian student are beginning their school years with liberal teachers and school administrators who are armed with a U.S. Supreme Court decision that may weaponize attacks on Christian students. Many students like Clark may soon find themselves, not only blocked from establishing pro-life clubs, but also traditional marriage, or bible clubs in schools. (read more at Clash Daily)


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