Governor Palin Shares Interview of ‘Iconic Drudge’

Via Facebook:


One of the best interviews I’ve heard in a long time! Please listen; appreciate both gentlemen’s courage, innovation and work ethic; enjoy.

(Along the lines of this interview, I’ve consistently voiced frustration with having to use Facebook to reach the nearly 5 million good people tuned in to my page – it kills me to drive traffic and revenue to Facebook’s out-of-touch founder (Mark Zuckerberg) so he can then turn around and donate to liberal causes and candidates, thus un-doing much of what I try to do here (all pro bono, at great cost in my time and resources). I’m exploring other ways to stay connected with you all – if I had any other choice today to keep you informed and receive your significant input (free from any censorship or what has been called “technical problems” – resulting in some censored posts), believe me, I’d bail from Facebook and, together, we’d be elsewhere, friends! Seven years of research, writing and posting here, knowing we’re ultimately contributing to the problem – i.e. resources landing in liberals’ laps – is killer. And enough’s enough. Drudge expounds on the dangerous Leftist monopolistic situation in his interview I’ve linked to here.)

Btw, Facebook, as I’ve explained numerous times – Sarah Palin is my real name. I’m still prohibited from ever easily logging on to anything Facebook-related as you block my attempts 99% of the time with the rejection response: “Sorry, you must use a real name”; but since your policy disallows me using a fake name accompanied by my legit contact info, it’s a constant time-consuming quandary. Despite seven years of bringing this to your attention, you still don’t believe me, nor through decent customer service want to make this any easier? Thank you to the good folks there who try anyway… thank you for hearing my concerns on this and had honestly pushed for solutions… may this encourage you in your line of work today:

“The world is moved not only by the mighty shoves of the heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.” – Helen Keller

Thank you!
– Sarah Palin

Interview courtesy of Alex Jones Channel on YouTube

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