Governor Palin’s Post Debate Appearance on Newsmax TV

Governor Palin joined the Newsmax TV Panel after Wednesday’s GOP Debate on CNBC to analyze the performance of the candidates.

Overall she was pleased with all the candidates saying they demonstrated why the planks in the Republican platform were the answer to the issues America is facing saying how “excited” she was for America when comparing this crop of candidates to what “the other side” is offering.

“All of them did so doggone well,” she said in summing it up.

Specifically, Governor Palin praised Senator Ted Cruz.  “He schooled the media,” she stated.  “When Ted Cruz spanked them, we knew they deserved to be spanked.”

She also addressed specific questions regarding women while being asked about Carly Fiorina. “Those kinds of questions just kind of bug me,” calling them “passé.”  She urged Republicans to skip such questions and return the format to explaining why conservative solutions are needed to counter intrusive government overreach which burdens all of us in an equal way.

Finally she predicted that if the primaries were held today, we’d see Trump, Carson, and Cruz doing the best.

There is also so much more.  You can watch the video below provided courtesy of Newsmax TV‘s YouTube Channel.

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