Sarah Palin Was Right! – Russians Building HUGE Arctic Base

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“Sarah Palin was right: Look where Russia is building a HUGE military base.” – Col. Allen West

Commonsense Conservatives roll our eyes at so many “I told you so’s” lately. Here’s a huge one though, and it deserves ACTION beyond the President merely swatting away warnings offered up.

America, the White House doesn’t seem to care, but Vladimir Putin is building a massive Russian military base just 300 miles from American soil. 300 miles isn’t far at all. (East Coasters, that’s about the distance from DC to New York.) It’s so close to Alaska you can practically SEE this act of Russian aggression from home! But, Mr. President, to see it you’d have to turn the camera elsewhere – your infamous selfies aren’t catching what I and other perceptive and affected Americans are seeing.

Thanks to Col. Allen West for highlighting this incredible story – one we aren’t seeing in the mainstream media, naturally. The threat from Russia is real… it’s time we elect a President who carries a big stick, not a selfie stick.

Sarah Palin

“Sarah Palin was right: Look where Russia is building a HUGE military base”:


Governor Palin shared a link to an article on Allen West’s site:


Sarah Palin was right: Look where Russia is building a HUGE military base

10-27-15 Sarah Palin Was Right - imageThe number of ways and places Vladimir Putin is out-foxing, out-maneuvering and thoroughly out-“leadershipping” President Obama are becoming too numerable to count. The Russian President has steadily been building his dominance in the northern hemisphere’s most resource rich region, the Arctic Circle, and has been running circles around his American counterpart in the process. We’ve now learned that Putin has poised Russia to have a long-term strategic advantage in the Arctic region that it may never lose.
The unveiling of this new Arctic base shows how much emphasis Russia is putting on gaining more control of the Arctic which contains valuable minerals, crude oil and a bevy of other precious natural resources. Putin reportedly deployed an air contingent to the region last November when only a small border outpost existed. That contingent got to work expanding runways to enable cargo planes to land and deliver building materials. And build they have. (read much more HERE)

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