Stopping Ryan: Keep the 45 Strong

Matthew Boyle at Breitbart is reporting today that there were 45 GOP legislators who did not vote for Paul Ryan as speaker. 43 went to Webster and 1 each to Blackburn and McCarthy—neither of whom are running.


We need to hold that number for the partisan floor vote tomorrow. We cannot let these 45 rogues be co-opted. We must solidify enough support behind Webster to at the very best pull off a miracle and give him the gavel and at the very least be recognized as a force moving forward.


We must target the House Freedom Caucus. They are our proxy. Listen, they were clearly cowed by pressure into tacitly supporting Ryan. Your brain could go in knots trying to decipher their doublespeak in supporting-but-not-endorsing Ryan. What?


Clearly they do not have the courage of their convictions. But in the snake pit of Congress, in that morally inverted world where up is down and right is left, they are positively Amazonian. We do not need them to have courage and good sense because we have it in spades. We are the puppet masters, not them. And it is past time to start pulling the strings.


So once again, get on the horn! Get on Twitter! Light these worms up and send them a back brace. Let them know that they will be rendered completely and utterly irrelevant and impotent the second they throw their lot in with Ryan. Let them know that they will promptly be replaced and that you will not sleep a wink until each and every one of them meets an early retirement.


Tell them to honor their commitment to Daniel Webster for speaker. We should be so lucky to have a man like him at the helm. He is a fine candidate.


Get to work! To not do everything possible to keep the gavel from Ryan’s dirty hands would be a crime. His only usefulness will be to serve as a cautionary tale. The hour is late. Move.













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