The Race for Speaker: No Ryan, No Way

The ousting of Boehner is a good and necessary thing. Beautiful! Much later than it should have come but beautiful nonetheless. He was a cancer. You could cry thinking of the endless opportunities he squandered following the monumental 2010 Tea Party takeover of the Congress. He had the blessing of an overwhelming majority of Americans to counter the fantasy policies of the Left with cold hard reason, and he threw it away with both hands. He couldn’t run away fast enough from the hand that fed him. Quisling.


But that is over and done with, and our victory will be hollow if we do not control who and what replaces him at the gavel. This is critical. One only has to look to the failures of Boehner as proof. Or to think of what could have been.


So on to his replacement. The withdrawal of McCarthy was a small miracle—and by his own hand! He was Boehner’s flying monkey. We would have seen no change.


McCarthy’s withdrawal left the Establishment scrambling for a while, but they have officially found their replacement—Paul Ryan. No, no, no and absolutely not. Understand something about Ryan. Certainly he is of the same pseudo-Leftist ideology as Boehner and McCarthy, but he is worse. He is worse because he has a brain and a backbone. Now, he uses them for all the wrong things, and he operates under a premise that is complete nonsense. But you will not like Boehner with a brain. Of this there is no question.


A Ryan speakership will be a boon for the radical Left. He will make concessions like he’s popping corn at a basketball game. Just look at his conditions to run for speaker in the first place. Conditions—excuse me? He is a child. And without mama in the White House, he will burn down the Congress. We must quit relinquishing our sovereignty to children. We must.


You have got to get loud. Get on the horn! Call your representative and annoy the hell out of them. Then call everyone else’s representative and annoy the hell out of them too. If you really want a party, then call the switchboard and go nuts—(202) 225-3121. If they tell you to stop calling, put on a wig, change your voice, and ring them back. Only an army of happy warriors can stop the Establishment at this point. But that should not discourage us because we are exactly that.


While you’re on the phone, drop a line in favor of Daniel Webster for speaker. We could argue about him not being the best candidate—but I would win. Historically he is not the staunchest Conservative, but the last thing Congress needs is another ideologue drunk with power on top of a soapbox. Webster is an adult. He has a plan to change the structure of how the House conducts its business and to flatten the pyramid of power to remove the teeth from the beltway barnacles. If he operates under this premise that he’s laid out—then good things will come. The premise is solid. And if he strays, we have something to hold him to—and we will.


Now get to work, people! We have to move. We just have to. Quit wringing your hands, and start ringing Congress.

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