Tyler O’Neil | Is Obama as Bad as Carter? No, He’s Worse

Tyler O’Neil, Pajamas Media:

Despite facing similar problems, President Obama has not decided to boldly reverse his policies as Carter did. As Kirchick wrote, “it is an indication of just how worrisome the situation is that many in Washington are pining for the resolve and fortitude of Jimmy Carter.”

Indeed, the similarities between 1979 and 2015 are astounding — Russia has invaded a neighbor and is posturing in the Middle East, a radical ideology has toppled governments across the world, and the president is pushing an unpopular deal with an adversary that cannot pass in the Senate.

Carter changed his tune, toughened up and set a path for Reagan. Obama has doubled down, even forcing the Senate to try (and ultimately fail) to overturn his veto on the Iran deal. Carter faced the Soviets and gave them an ultimatum; Obama told Russian president Vladimir Putin that he is “prepared to work with him.”


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