WAPO’s Latest Hit Piece on Governor Palin

There were two articles that caught my eye recently.

The first is an article written by William M. Daley published in the Washington Post.  He blames Governor Palin for what he perceives as “dysfunction” in the GOP.

Daley Obama
William Daley & President Obama

William Daley (a Democrat) is part of the Chicago machine who served as White House Chief of Staff under President Obama, replacing Rahm Emanuel who happened to replace his brother (Richard Daley) as Mayor of Chicago (all happened in 2011).

As you can see, there is no “dysfunction” about the left’s greasy game of good old boy politics and political swap.  They’re very proud of it and drag it right out in the open for everyone to see.  The problem for William Daley though was his power had waned by the time he became Chief of Staff.  As described in this article from Politico, it was the top reason why he wound up resigning the position in 2012. Nowadays he’s reduced to the role of Concern Troll who regurgitates stale talking points about Governor Palin and constitutional conservatives responsible for strengthening the GOP and finally breathing some new life into the national platform, replacing stale ideas and weak backbones.

But before going any further with Daley’s article, it’s important to discuss the second headline I came across.  Over at Breitbart, Tony Lee reports that Mitt Romney (failed 2012 GOP nominee) is actually complaining about the “demise of legacy media.”  He dislikes the fact that we get to go beyond “three networks” and “newspapers.” No doubt, Romney would consider the Washington Post “legacy media.”

Both men (one a Democrat and one a Republican) seem annoyed with nonconventionalists who bypass the “experts” and the lamestream media as both enterprises become increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of a strong independent candidate for the GOP nomination as opposed to the ones that perhaps the GOP establishment might have in mind.

Unexpectedly, candidates like Jeb Bush are struggling while folks like Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz continue to strengthen.  Therefore, the demand for these Concern-Troll articles (written by Democats about Republicans) seem pretty obvious to us as desperate, yet they’re embraced by a few “experts” in the GOP who’d rather condition the base to become comfortable with losing national elections over and over again than risk losing their own necks by embracing a candidate who doesn’t fit their establishment mold.

So when listening to Democrat thugs like William Daley ominously go off on people like Governor Palin, you have to go back to understand the true compliment such a rant actually delivers to her.  For example. going back to the Politico article that reported his departure from the Obama administration, it states:

[Daley] irked some in the West Wing with his faith that collegial backroom deal-cutting with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) would work.

In other words, Daley believed that Republicans were built to go wobbly at the demand of Democrats.  Any strong conservative who existed (with or without a title) that went against that rule of good old boy backroom politics are likely to earn his ire.  As such, he realizes Governor Palin remains a thorn in the sides of many on both sides of the aisle who are in it for the wrong reasons.  He recycles the following:

Palin’s blatant lack of competence and preparedness needs no belaboring.

Since we now know that “competence and preparedness” to Mr. Daley involves “backroom deal-cutting,” one could understand his disdain for Governor Palin.  It was in Alaska where she caught wind of backroom deals among good old boys.  This prompted her run for governor after she blew the whistle on her own party’s backroom deals with big oil.  After becoming governor, she led a transparent government, balanced budgets, cut spending, overhauled education, and accomplished many other things which are detailed here.

Compare these accomplishments to that of a community-organizing Junior Senator from Illinois who voted present more than a hundred times, those of us who frown upon “collegial backroom deal-cutting” soon became able to cut through the crap of alleged experts who simply ignore stubborn facts like these.

He goes on:

Once McCain put Palin on the ticket, Republican “grown-ups,” who presumably knew better, had to bite their tongues. But after the election, when they were free to speak their minds, they either remained quiet or abetted the dumbing-down of the party.

Here he basically admits operating on total presumption.  However, he knows as well as we do (or at least he should) that many Republicans exist who’ve sold Governor Palin out plenty of times.  Two of them are columnists at the Washington Post (one had a TV show that flopped).  Others include a handful of armchair pundits who’ve taken turns bashing Governor Palin and constitutional conservatives over the years.  Since then, many have faded while Governor Palin and her PAC are still going strong.

He continues:

Palin became a Fox News fixture, reinforcing the newly formed tea party’s “never compromise” demands. Bombast, not reason, reigned.

Just how is “reason” defined by a Chicago-machine Democrat who wanted backroom deals with John Boehner?

Does “reason” lie to Americans about “shovel-ready” jobs when ramming a trillion dollar stimulus that turned out to be a vehicle for backroom deals and crony capitalism down our throats?

Does “reason” defy a bipartisan majority who were against a monstrous national healthcare disaster bill?

Does “reason” continue to fund Planned Parenthood after witnessing the horror revealed on the now infamous videos showcasing Planned Parenthood employees negotiating the sale of baby body parts?

Does “reason” force amnesty on America’s middle class who are struggling to find meaningful work and to make ends meet?

Interestingly, Republican leaders in both Houses of Congress have refused to fight the true “bombast” from Mr. Daley’s party.  It’s people like Governor Palin and independent commonsense Americans who’ve realized too much “bombast” on one side countered with little opposition on the other for far too long.

It’s why SarahPAC has been so successful at getting commonsense conservatives elected.  It’s why the conservative base is truly ready for an unconventional presidential nominee in 2016.  The mutual benefits to be reaped by professional politicos on both sides of the aisle with the current D.C. go-along-to-get-along norm are threatened for the first real time.  As you can see by some of the comments from the Post’s article, people were happy to articulate their thoughts to Mr. Daley:

Or was Sarah Palin ahead of the others in correctly calling out the permanent political class for engaging in crony capitalism … at the expense of our nation.  She disrupted the good old boys network … and now Trump is doing the same.  This author is wrong … the GOP Establishment is struggling because they no longer represent the will of their base.  A political minority is trying to suppress a Republican majority … and the people are revolting … and it “started” with Sarah Palin.


It took the arrival of a working class champion to shake things up. For too long the GOP machine manipulated the primary process to select their chosen candidates. Sarah Palin has roused up the powerless working stiffs to challenge the system owned by the well-heeled, corrupt professional politicians financed by the money barons who had their own agenda of enriching themselves.
Palin with her gift of telling like it is in a language that ordinary folks understand had stoked the unrest in our body politic.
She single-handedly brought about the political atmosphere of the great discontent that led to the fall of the Democrats in the Congress.
It’s not a stretch to say that the Trump phenomenon is the result of Palin’s message of empowering WE THE PEOPLE.
Thank you, Sarah Palin!!


It is always so heartwarming when folks on the Left provide helpful analysis and advice on what is wrong with GOP and how to fix it. This guy hasn’t got a clue! Sarah Palin was the first crack in that insular shell which has for so long encompassed all of the political elites, both Left and Right. This guy writes that she was completely unqualified for president. Well, she was more qualified than any of the other three guys then running for president and VP, that’s for sure. Palin was the first one to connect with all of us who are so unhappy with how our country is being intentionally changed to benefit the political elites, Trump the latest and most effective one. The whining among the elites is about their loss of power and nothing else. They don’t give a flying flip about America, but only what they can take from her. Palin and Trump are the heroes willing to fight the fight in the face of the most incredibly outlandish and destructive attacks politicians have ever suffered. That Palin remains a force in American politics some 7 years after she was thrust onto the national stage, and Trump has soared way ahead of the Republican field are evidence that the GOP is returning to its roots, the party of those proud to be Americans and unafraid of saying so, proud of traditional American values and unafraid of saying so, and willing to take principled stands and provide leadership on national and world issues. The Left, on the other hand, is composed of tired old people spouting tired old PC. They seem to believe that saying bad things about Palin and Trump somehow legitimizes their utterly stupid positions on so many subjects. Real hope has returned to America, and you can thank Sarah Palin and Donald Trump for leading the way.

The comments go on and on. The people get it.  Yet unfortunately, politicos with “waning influence” continue to miss the boat.

William M. Daley attempted to smear Governor Palin, obviously annoyed at her contribution to challenging the corrupt aspects of a national political machine prone to making backroom deals against the will of the people.  As such, he spotlighted not only her inspiration to many, but also the millions in the silent majority who are saying “enough is enough” with the politics as usual out of D.C.

As Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas said last year:

“Governor [Palin], we’re going to follow you.”

Our work continues with Governor Palin continuing to help lead while the dying pundit class continues to grow more bitter.

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