Chuck Todd | America: In Search of a Political Reset in 2016

Chuck Todd, NBC News:

The turbulence in the political system isn’t just about demographics. We are transitioning from an industrial to a service economy, from a bipolar to a multipolar world, in ways that limit America’s influence whether we realize it or not. And we are culturally transitioning in fast motion, thanks to a new, large and influential millennial generation powered by technologies that would have seemed fictional two generations ago.

Current trends show that Americans are poised for a major reset, favoring candidates who buck historical trends and demanding a reshuffling of the way politics is typically practiced. It may not be resolved in 2016 altogether but it’s coming, and the stakes are incredibly high.

Throughout the first part of this cycle, the reality-show style of campaign coverage has sometimes obscured the enormity of the this election and the task facing the next Commander-in-Chief.


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