From Obama to Rubio, Rhetoric Repeats Itself

Are you tired of this myth that says Americans struggling with debt will somehow be inspired to elect someone else who might be, too?

Me, too.

Shared misery is usually the result of far left policies, not an aspiration for conservative candidates.  We support candidates who we know can deliver hope to those who are struggling who want to get out of debt and save for their future.  That might be why Donald Trump is scoring record high numbers with the blue collar Americans.  It’s also why the very funny and intelligent Diamond and Silk are supporting him.


Marco Rubio salary is 174,000 but he won’t pay his bills. Diamond and Silk will be getting to the bottom of this ASAP!

Posted by Diamond And Silk on Thursday, November 5, 2015


Meanwhile, GOP experts and pundits decry such working class folks as being less-educated because these folks might not be supporting the candidates of the establishment.

Marco Rubio is now adopting the shared misery message of the left when faced with questions on his own personal finances.


Honestly, owing on student loans should not be included in criteria for running for president.  If that were true, I would run.

One of the reasons why I’ve always had so much respect for Governor Palin was because she graduated college debt free by taking off semesters to work and pay for it, and by competing in contests and earning scholarships.  That very inspiring part of her story continues to be ignored and the narrative remains: Palin took longer than usual (or went to too many schools) to graduate!

People, please!  It’s not part of the American Dream to burden yourself with student loan debt.  If people are trying to write it in there, they shouldn’t be.

And Marco Rubio saying it now is no different than Michelle Obama bragging about the same hardship at the last Democrat convention when noting that their own student loan payments were higher than their monthly housing costs.  As we now know, the Obamas in fact carried a lot of student loan debt for a considerable amount of time.

Personally as an American, I am ashamed of my own student loan debt.  I am working hard to pay extra toward it every month.  People I know have just paid theirs off completely over the last few years.  It’s done by fiscal tightening and focus….something the left generally knows nothing about.

Hopefully, Marco Rubio comes up with something better than I know what it’s like to be in debt before going further with his campaign to take over a nation that has way too much debt as it is.

The only thing worse than having excessive debt is becoming comfortable with it.


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