Governor Palin Congratulates Kentucky

Last night, Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton defied establishment expectations and won against a long time politician.  The GOP embraced the perceived outsider (Bevin) and the people responded.  Maybe the national GOP could take note at the national Democrats who are crying about the people wanting outsiders to explain one of their own losing.

Governor Palin congratulated Bevin and Hampton via Facebook:

Congratulations Kentucky! You’ve elected a strong conservative team to lead the Bluegrass State – and as Rush Limbaugh just said your newly elected public servants ran as unabashed Christian conservatives, proving again like-minded patriots are winning “everywhere but Washington DC.” Joining Gov-elect Matt Bevin now is Lt. Gov-elect Jenean Hampton, with such an inspiring life story (including the part about her loving the Tea Party movement!). This retired veteran said, “Sometimes you’re screaming at the TV, you see things that need to be improved, and you’re screaming that someone needs do something, well sometimes that someone is you!” Amen, Jenean! We need more like you. Congratulations Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton… and Kentucky.

Governor Palin also linked to an article over at Newsmax reporting their win and giving more detail about the lives of both victorious candidates.

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