Governor Palin Op-Ed: Winning the Battle for Freedom

In case you missed it, Governor Palin penned a terrific Op-Ed yesterday for the Washington TimesIn it, she shares her experiences in meeting people across America who are concerned about the country that they worry may someday be unrecognizable as our freedoms and liberties continue to be attacked.

Her remarks:

We’ve sought answers amid shifting cultural sands, flighty influences, and perpetual disappointments in politicians and public policy. People ask me all the time, “I want a happy, productive life for me and my country, but what can we do? What is the answer?” Well, the answer is within your grasp.

She goes on to explain:

Inland from the rocky shores welcoming our nation’s first settlers were towering evergreen trees and white pines soaring 250 feet in the air, solidly rooted to support their enormous girth. This massive find of a healthy natural resource was better than striking gold.


Our Founders responsibly utilized the timber until Great Britain passed a law that claimed the trees for the English government.

She continues:

In my frequent travels across the country, I meet so many good people and see a familiar look in their eyes. Many Americans sense that our exceptional nation we know and love is changing so fast it might become unrecognizable.


In the pages of Scripture, God gives instruction on how to live during these tumultuous times, and assures us we’re here for a great purpose, for such a time as this.


Answers to personal and political struggles can’t be found in the next “great” politician, in any self-exalting self-help seminar or in the next cultural trend. We can passionately protest, picket and vote our way to protect constitutional freedoms, but as much as these are imperatively part of civic life, the answer to true freedom relies on a different sort of excitement. Within the pages of the Bible you can find what you need to confirm your commitment to live life well and vibrantly, along with the blueprint to secure the deeply American principles of justice, faith and freedom.

It’s a great article that reminds us all of the fact that some things are timeless.  Things like our faith, our God, and our nation’s history are not cultural trends, they last forever.  When we turn to our faith and our higher power, anything is possible.

There is so much more to the article and I encourage to read it in its entirety here.



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