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Review: Inspirational Sarah Palin Book Points to ‘Sweet Freedom’ Through God

Sarah Palin - Sweet Freedom

by KEVIN SCHOLLA 19 Nov 2015

Just like her last book, Sarah Palin’s latest offering comes toward the end of a year. With all of the issues facing our country right now, the timing couldn’t be better. Sweet Freedom: A Devotional offers hope and inspiration during these trying times.

Not unlike Palin herself, Sweet Freedom is unique. The former Alaska governor tackles personal, social, and political issues with God’s word as the barometer. In a day and age where Christianity and those of faith are discriminated against and under attack, Palin implores us all to keep our collective chin up.

“Americans sense that this exceptional nation we know and love is changing so fast it might become unrecognizable,” the former Alaska governor writes. But there’s also reason to believe. “While many wring their hands and wonder where our freedom has gone, you’re going to discover that true freedom—the kind that can’t be taken away—is well within our grasp.”

Sweet Freedom digs into the Bible while offering comfort to deal with the stresses of today. Written in that unmistakable mama grizzly style, the book is heartfelt, positive, and uplifting. This is a classic case of the subject matter and author making for a perfect match. Palin has never shied away from her faith; and just like the way she has lived her life, she writes this work with a servant’s heart.

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All in all, Sweet Freedom is written by the right woman at the right time. People are scared and confused in many aspects of life. Whether it be everyday problems or global threats like ISIS, Americans are seeking answers. Palin points them in the right direction. Right to God. (read more on Breitbart)


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