National Suicide: Stop Syrian “Refugees”

There could be perhaps no more inappropriate and dangerous a response to the November 13 jihad slaughter in Paris than to allow a small army of Syrian “refugees” to infiltrate the homeland. And yet, that is exactly what American leadership is doing.


Obama doubled down on his commitment today to allow 10,000 enemy soldiers to walk in through our front door—in Turkey no less. Ryan is keeping his mouth shut lest he reveal his ignorance. Subversive. Seditious. The pair of them. They should be throwing their bodies in front of these men and fighting tooth and nail to bar their entrance. To do anything less is treason. But this comes as no surprise. They are children, and we have for far too long been relinquishing our sovereignty to children.


In order to understand the dangers of this phony refugee crisis, one must first understand the nature of Islam. These Muslim migrants are practicing al hijrah. Immigration jihad. They are following Muhammad (the perfect example of conduct) and his conquering migration from Mecca to Medina.


Whether they plan to do so through stealth jihad or violent jihad is irrelevant because either way they mean to conquer the West. Now, you can make the point that there are peaceful Muslims who have no such desire—as if no one knew that. Of course there are peaceful Muslims, but there is no such thing as peaceful Islam. Islam is Islam. Any devout and practicing Muslim believes that Islam is the supreme religion that must assert its authority over all others until “religion be only for Allah.” (8:39)


And we should trust the State Department to screen these migrants? Those children?! Please. One need look no further than Boston to see how ineffective our intelligence agencies have been rendered under an administration that closes its eyes like a child to the jihad threat. Even with an effective State Department, the Koranic mandate of lying in order to advance the cause of Islam renders any screening method impotent.


In my home state of Louisiana alone there have been 14 of these migrants allowed in with New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette made sanctuary cities. We remember, of course, that it took 19 men to kill 3,000 Americans on September 11. That a nation would gamble so callously the lives of its people is the height of lunacy.


And the insult of all insults, they are being allowed in by Catholic charities. Thousands of Christians are being slaughtered, terrorized, and otherwise purged from their ancestral homelands throughout the world, but we bend over backwards to shelter their killers. What madness. These moves by the church must be protested and their leadership ostracized to the very fringes of society. Tolerance is a basic tenant of the Christian faith, but tolerance when applied to evil is a sin.


Let France be a lesson to all rational Americans. No nation has gone further to appease Muslim interests. France has orchestrated almost single-handedly the revival of Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East as well as anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment in Europe with its dollars and its words for decades. It is only now beginning to reap what it has sown. And make no mistake it has only just begun. Germany will be next as well as Belgium with the UK not far behind.


The lesson is simple: appeasement will save no one. We must hold firm. No more.

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