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November 18th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Sarah Palin joins conservative talk host Dana Loesch to discuss her new book, ‘Sweet Freedom: A Devotional’.

Loesch focused in on what Palin wrote about verses in scripture that justify the right to self defense.


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Full Transcript

Loesch: In the meantime though, returning to our discussion on what some of the Governors have been doing in terms of refusing these unvetted refugees. I read this story the other day where I saw former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, she says “I was really close to feeling sorry for President Obama after these remarks”, his remarks on Syria. Of course as you know Governor Palin has an awesome new book out. It’s called ‘Sweet Freedom: A Devotional’. She’s also New York Times bestselling author of ‘Going Rogue’, ‘American By Heart’, I mean pretty much every book that shes had out. Governor Palin joins us now. Thanks so much for joining us. It’s good to talk with you.

Palin: Oh, thank you so much. It’s an honor.

Loesch: Well, and we love having you on the show. I’m really excited to read your devotional as well because I think this is just ????. It could not have come at better time, with everything that our country is facing, and I wanna ask you more about that. Twenty-six Governors now, across the country are standing up to the administration. And they’re saying, “You can’t do this to our citizenry. You can’t do this to us President Obama, and expect us to take these unvetted migrants in. Particularly after what we saw two unvetted migrants do in Paris.” What do you make of all of this?

Palin: Yeah, I’m so proud of these Governors. I mean they are just thumping Obama when it comes to understanding a government role in a issue like this. Government leaders have to be practical too, you know. And not just idealistic like Obama is, singing his ‘Kumbaya’ and thinking that all these are innocent refugees coming on over. And we’re supposed to take them all in with no vetting process. You can’t trust Obama’s vetting process. You can’t trust any kind of process that he would implement to assist the states in bringing people in and then having to provide for them. So these Governors, they’re practical. They’re thinking about the logistics. And of course they’re thinking about the big picture. Look, it’s not working real well in some other areas where immigrants have been embraced with open arms without a vetting process. Lets learn from that.

Loesch: Right. The reaction is always, “Well, lets bring them here”. I wondered, and I had questioned earlier, “Well, where was the President’s compassion when he had the opportunity to back the Kurds. Or just go after and bomb some of these supply routes in Iraq.” The U.N. said that barely half of these refugees are even Syrian. A lot of them are from Iraq. And we could go over there, we could end the situation, but it seems Governor Palin that he’s more interested in placating Iran, and in placating Turkey who really doesn’t like the Kurds.

Palin: Well, where was he in terms of compassion for American Christians who have been jailed over in these foreign lands that they don’t deserve to be slaves to. You know, in some respects.. it’s all relative.. he hasn’t lifted a finger to help them.

Loesch: Yeah, that’s a great point. I mean we haven’t heard anything from the administration about those. Or all of the Christians that have been just been annihilated in Mosul. They used to have Mass. They used to have Christian churches. And now the church bells stopped ringing for like the first time in a thousand years, or something like that.

Palin: Right. I wrote about that in my devotional too, that yeah… in the bible it says Christians are going to be persecuted. You know, don’t we wish that it said ‘mmm, we’re not going to be persecuted’. But we are. But that doesn’t mean that we have to sit there and suck it up and just accept it all. No, we have to fight back. It tells us in the Word in the Bible that we we are expected to arm ourselves. Luke 22 says Jesus told his disciples “Hey, take up your arms.” Sell you cloak or whatever it takes to go buy a sword and arm yourselves and don’t wait for somebody else to do it. There are places all over in the Old and the New Testament where there is very very clear language saying we are expected to take action and fight for the innocent, and we are to get out there and eradicate evil.

Loesch: Right. I’m so glad that you mentioned that. So I’m so glad that you covered it too in your devotional ‘Sweet Freedom’ because I know I’m sure you’ve seen some of the headlines, and of course its the mainstream media that immediately.. they don’t want Christians to be Christians if they’re bakers, or photographers, or tee shirt makers, or anything else. But, they want to appeal to people of faith… I feel like, emotionally blackmail Christians by saying, “Well you must not be an authentic Christian then if your just not going to open up your doors to all of these unvetted refugees.”

Palin: Well yeah. Many liberals, and many in the mainstream media, they try to do that to faith filled Americans in so many respects. Not just with the refugee situation, but say.. some lifestyle choices that if a Christian were to adopt… and I’m thinking specifically about my daughter being an unwed single mom. She being so condemned by the liberal press. And yet, it’s because she’s a conservative girl. Well, a hardworking young twenty-five year old woman. If she were to be some liberal celebrity out there doing the same thing, she’d be praised. So, it’s a culture war and it’s a literally, national security war where these double standards that are applied to conservatives and those just with common sense protecting the constitution. You know we kind of get hammered. But it should empower us, man. It should empower us to be united and work even harder, and make sure that we’re part of a great awakening so that other Americans can see what the truth is. And that is the way. That once we’re exercising that, we put America back on the right track.

Loesch: Right. And congratulations by the way that you’re expecting another grandchild. So, congrats on that. I was horrified to read some of the… you know, not everybody’s perfect. I was a young mother myself. Not everybody’s perfect, but I tell you what. If you had come out and announced that your daughter was having an abortion, she would be hailed as a queen and she would be celebrated. And it shows you where these peoples priorities are. Which I found, I just found reprehensible, their reactions.

Palin: Yeah, and you know Dana .. at this point Bristol’s, she’s about forty days away from giving birth to a baby girl. And where we are at this point, it’s a happy time. It’s good!

Loesch: Right!

Palin: She’s embracing life. It’s certainly not an ideal situation, but don’t we all go through learning experiences in less than ideal circumstances. And they make us better people. In the end, if we react appropriately to the circumstances… and I think that’s what we’re expected to do down here on earth, is make the best of situations when life happens. And you know, you ultimately use your experiences to help others.

Loesch: Exactly, exactly. So tell me why you decided to do a devotional. I mean, you’ve always touched upon spiritual issues before. Obviously, your a Christian, your a person of faith, you’ve always made that… that’s who you are. You don’t take it off just when you come home from church on Sunday. But you really set out to do a devotional this time. To me, it was sort of a slight change from the things you’ve written previously. Why did you take this path?

Palin: Well, I’ve journaled all my life. And it’s been really important to me to seek in the Word, the answers to personal challenges, personal struggles. And, throughout my career, it’s nearly three decades now in media and in politics… seeking in the Word, answers to the challenges that our nation faces. It is amazing that Old and New Testament really are a perfect blueprint for how it is that we are to run our country, and our personal lives. But Dana, I’m pointing people to scripture that answers specific issues, like gun control, weaponry. Specific issues that you can find the answer to in a Bible verse about taxation. About refugees. About going to war. People seem very worried and confused in these tumultuous times as to, ‘What can we do’, ‘Where’s the answer’. How do we know if a Christians supposed to be out there parading for ‘open carry’. And you know what? We are. Because in Luke 22, Jesus is telling his disciples, ‘take up you arms and lets go’.

Loesch: That’s right.

Palin: In the Bible it talks about taxation. Hey, we don’t like to pay taxes, but we have to pay them. We will ‘render unto Caesar, what is due Caesar’. But, if we know that the taxation system is unjust, then we’re expected to take action to change the system and to elect people, leaders who understand that and will do the changing for us.

Loesch: Absolutely. I’m so glad that you wrote this, because I’ve seen this, I have seen discussions on exactly what you have detailed so often on ‘the right’ and with Christians. And you know, we have these talks over lunch, after church with just some of our fellow congregational members, our brethren. These topics are coming up a lot. Because people are.. they’re looking to the Bible for answers. Particularly because the world seems crazy. I mean, just before you come on with us, we had a development in German where they found a truck bomb in an ambulance loaded with explosives. And every single day there’s a horrific headline. People want to protect themselves, but they want to make sure that every decision that the do, they want to take it to God first. They wanna go to prayer first before they make that decision. And they have a lot of questions. And I think this book is a great road map for that. Great road map.

Palin: Well, I think we’re going to be able to save them a lot of time then. They don’t have to overthink some of these issues cause we’ll point them in the right way. We have seen biblical leaders ordering others to arm themselves with swords, at the time. And in the Old Testament, the justice of self defense? It’s taken for granted. I think that most Americans know in their hearts, in their bones, they know that self defense is a natural right. And we just can’t let confused liberals tell us otherwise.

Loesch: Right. Oh, absolutely. The book is ‘Sweet Freedom: A Devotional’. Governor Sarah Palin, always a pleasure. So good to talk with you today.

Palin: Hey, always a pleasure to hear from you, and I tell you.. speaking of guns? I learn more about these different types of arms and weaponry from you than anybody else. So keep it up.

Loesch: Oh! Well thank you! Thank you for that. That’s a compliment. I appreciate that. Governor Sarah Palin! Sweet Freedom! Thank you so much.

Palin: Thanks. Bye-bye.

Loesch: I’m so glad that there is something out there like this. Particularly, like I was just saying… you have people saying, ‘You’re not a real Christian if you’ve got…’. I had someone say, ‘You’re not a real Christian if you carry a gun. How dare you. Jesus was against murder.’ Jesus is not against self defense though.


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