Sarah Palin Invites Louis C.K. Up To Alaska

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Maybe a bit of the, um, “uniqueness” of #SweetFreedom – now the #1 Christian book and #1 devotional in the country – featuring a guy like Louis C.K. in a devotion can illustrate the surprise encounters I believe are orchestrated for us that can lead to a connection for others’ edification. Here I’m signing a copy of Sweet Freedom for the comedian while dashing through La Guardia; I’ll send it to him with a challenge for him to come slay salmon with me up North. Hope he’s gutsy enough to do so! #sweetfreedom

“A gentle answer turns away the wrath” – Proverbs 15:1

“The Power Of Nice, and Saturday Night Live” – page 182 #sweetfreedom

Sarah Palin


11-18-15 Sarah Palin - Louis CK - Alaska - facebook


11-18-15 Sarah Palin - Louis CK - Alaska


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