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November 19th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Governor Palin joined A.J. Calloway in Extra TV’s Times Square studio to talk presidential politics and discuss her new book, ‘Sweet Freedom: A Devotional


11-19-15 Sarah Palin - Extra TV - blockquote imageA.J. Calloway: “What made you want to write a devotional?

Sarah Palin: “I have been journaling all my life and wanted to put something together that can help inspire people to get out there and live life vibrantly. Every one of us faces challenges. Every one of us has some kind of struggle in our lives, and we certainly do as a nation, too, lots of challenges, so just putting together verses that come from the Bible that give us solutions, answers to every one of our problems … so I point people to where those answers can be found in ‘The Word’.”


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Asked for her take on the current presidential race, Palin said, “I’m all about competition. I love sports. Grew up as an athlete. Started my career in sports as a broadcaster. When it comes to competition, I’m so thankful that at least on the Republican side of the aisle, we have a very, very, competitive primary. And that makes everyone work a lot harder and produce a better product for the people as they are competing in the arena of ideas. So I’m thankful that we’ve got some really good guys and gals out there willing to serve”

Asked about Donald Trump’s lead in the polls, Palin responded, “Some people think it’s inexplicable that he is. No! Of course he is! He’s not a politician, and that’s what we love. That’s what normal Americans appreciate. We’re really tired of the status quo.”

Regarding her own political future, Palin said, “My interest has always been in public service. Getting out there doing all that I can to kind of help make the world a better place. And if that is a position in politics, I would be willing to bust through that door.” Calloway asked if she would again join a presidential ticket as a VP candidate. Palin suggested that there are many others out there, “qualified, ready, willing, and able”, but said that if asked, “I’d do it.”


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