Sheriff David Clarke Challenges ‘Limousine Liberal’ Quentin Tarantino

November 6th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Sheriff David Clarke challenged filmmaker Quentin Tarantino to make amends for his anti-cop rhetoric at a recent NYC demonstration.

Quentin TarantinoTarantino had appeared earlier in the day on MSNBC playing the victim card, accusing Sheriff Clarke of labeling him as “cop-hater” who “puts police in danger”, this despite the fact that Clarke had never before commented on the public outrage that Tarantino now finds himself embroiled within.

Clarke responded to Tarantino’s MSNBC remarks later that evening with Fox News host Sean Hannity. Milwaukee County’s top law enforcement official painted Tarantino as being little more than a “limousine liberal” rashly jumping into an issue of which he has no understanding.

Sheriff David Clarke“This guy really stepped in it.  And you know it’s not unusual for this thing to happen. Here’s the phenomenon: You have these Hollywood elites, he’s a one percenter, a limousine liberal .. who feels a little guilty about his lot in life. And so every once in awhile what these elites do is they go down and appear at these demonstrations, and they try to get their legitimacy, that they’re down with the struggle. And they go down there, they get too far ahead of their ski’s and they say something stupid.”

Sheriff Clarke offered to help Tarantino out his current public relations nightmare by challenging him to donate his proceeds from the upcoming film “The Hateful Eight” to the surviving families of America’s fallen law enforcement officers through the C.O.P.S. charity, or towards the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.  In exchange, Sheriff Clarke promised he would help call off the police forces currently organizing a nationwide boycott of Tarantino’s new film.

Clarke spoke with MSNBC earlier in the day, offering to respond to Tarantino’s accusations, but was rejected by network executives who declined, saying “they’re not big fans” of Sheriff Clarke.



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