Alexandra Villarreal | Ivy Leaguers need to stop with the PC obsession

Alexandra Villarreal, New York Post:

On a Facebook page for her class year, a Columbia student recently claimed that one of her required philosophy courses, Contemporary Civilization, was detrimental to her “health” because she had to study prejudiced, oppressive texts with a white professor. Her post was not a parody.

Then she specifically targeted white students with people-of-color professors as those who should switch sections with her. Bewilderingly, her post received nearly 100 likes, with “100%” emojis dotting the comments section in approval and solidarity.

When a classmate pointed out that no one was forced to attend Columbia — where we have a core curriculum explicitly based on the Western canon, and where the syllabus is released online for applicants to see — the caustic replies showed that no one wanted to think about the privilege of attending an Ivy League institution.


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