CNN | At 3% in the polls, Jeb Bush in free-fall

Nia-Malika Henderson and Ashley Killough, CNN:

Washington (CNN)Jeb Bush has tried everything.

His campaign allies have blanketed the airwaves with almost $30 million in ads. Aiming to shake the “low-energy” tag and prove his toughness, Bush hit Donald Trump as a carnival barker unfit for the serious job of being President. He attacked Sen. Marco Rubio, suggesting his former protégé was a dilettante in a hurry. He cut staff, hired a debate coach, and pledged that “Jeb Can Fix It.”

Bush is now polling at 3% — and dropping.

The 3% figure puts Bush in sixth place in the national GOP race, according to the CNN/ORC poll released Friday morning. It’s the latest insult and disappointment for Bush, a son and brother of presidents, the conservative former two-term governor of Florida and the man who started the race as the unquestioned establishment favorite.


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